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Compassionate Allies Serving our Streets

Elm City COMPASS (Compassionate Allies Serving our Streets) is a community-based initiative to create a system of sustainable supports for individuals in New Haven experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis.

A Comprehensive Approach to Crisis Response

Elm City COMPASS maintains a crisis response team, collaborates to enhance the crisis response service system, supports a Community Advisory Board, and includes a comprehensive evaluation.

The COMPASS crisis response team complements and supports the work of New Haven first responders to 911 calls and through outreach. The team consists of a social worker and a peer with lived experience.

COMPASS meets regularly with service system providers, advocates, faith leaders, and businesses to enhance collaboration, coordination, and integration of services across the service system. 

The COMPASS Community Advisory Board of New Haven residents ensures that the COMPASS remains true to community needs and values. 

The COMPASS evaluation uses continuous quality improvement of the crisis response team and assesses the effectiveness of COMPASS for individuals served, the community, and the service system.